Date Announcement
08/11/2018 Financial Results Q3 2018
06/11/2018 Amwal Board of Directors meets on November 8, 2018
08/10/2018 Board election announcement
07/10/2018 Resignation of the Board of Directors of Amwal International Investment Company
09/09/2018 Material Information regarding the Volunatry Acquisition Offer submitted by Shuaa Capital
13/08/2018 Invitation to Amwal Shareholders
09/08/2018 Financial Results Q2 2018
07/08/2018 Board of Directors’ meeting 8 August 2018
24/07/2018 Board recommendation to shareholders in respect of the voluntary acquisition offer submitted by Shuaa Capital PSC
24/07/2018 Voluntary Acquisition Offer Acceptance Form
23/07/2018 Amwal’s Board will convene to discuss VAO document submitted from Shuaa Capital
22/07/2018 CMA approval and Voluntary Acquisition Offer document submitted by Shuaa Capital PSC
22/07/2018 Disclosure on Voluntary Acquisition Offer
22/07/2018 Shuaa Capital Voluntary Acquisition Offer – Acceptance Form & Shuaa Capital Information
22/07/2018 Shuaa Capital Voluntary Acquisition Offer – Amwal International Investment Co. Information
16/05/2018 Financial Results for the three months ended 31 March 2018
14/05/2018 Amwal AGM 2017 Results
14/05/2018 New Board formation
14/05/2018 Disclosure of material information regarding the acquisition offer presented by Shuaa Capital
14/05/2018 AGM minutes of meeting for the year ended 31 Dec. 2017 and supporting documents
29/04/2018 Announcement of Amwal Annual General Assembly for the year ended 31/12/2017 and attachments
27/03/2018 Financial Results Q4 2017
27/03/2018 Board meeting disclosure Q4 2017
22/03/2018 Amwal Board of Directors meeting on March 26, 2018
25/01/2018 Al-Diwan company changing their represention on Amwal's Board
22/01/2018 Amwal's shares suspended from trading
21/01/2018 Offer by Shuaa Capital to acquire shares of Amwal
15/01/2018 Announcement regarding irregular trading